Bioresonance scans the entire organism, layer by layer.

and detects imbalances. Bioresonance is a gentle healing method.

What is bioreonance?

Treating horses with bioresonance for allergies has established itself as a promising alternative in recent years. Bioresonance therapy is based on the concept that the body of a living being has its own electromagnetic vibration. In the case of an allergy, the immune system reacts oversensitively to certain substances, which leads to various symptoms. Bioresonance therapy uses special devices - for example Rayonex - to analyze and record the horse's individual electromagnetic vibration. This also identifies the allergy-causing substances that trigger a reaction in the horse. Targeted therapy sessions are then carried out on the basis of this information. The actual treatment consists of supplying the horse with the electromagnetic vibrations of the allergy-causing substances in the form of frequencies. This is done using electrodes that are attached to the horse's body. This feedback is intended to stimulate the regulatory mechanisms in the body and bring the immune system back into balance.

A bioresonance treatment for allergies can have various positive effects on horses. Through the targeted stimulation of the
By stimulating the immune system, allergic reactions can be reduced or even eliminated completely. This can lead to relief of symptoms such as skin rashes, respiratory problems or digestive problems. In addition, bioresonance therapy can also help to reduce allergic
To reduce the horse’s sensitization and thus prevent future
Allergy triggers can be better tolerated.

However, it is important to note that bioresonance therapy is not a standalone solution for treating horses with allergies. It should be used as part of a holistic approach
which also includes an individual feed composition, an adjustment of the housing environment and, if necessary, medical treatment. Every horse reacts differently to therapies.

Hair analysis

I am happy to scan your horse's coat or saliva sample for an analysis fee. For a hair analysis of your horse, please collect coat, mane and tail hair - a small amount is enough - please do not cut any hair , the hair that gets caught in the brush is enough. Put the sample in a plastic bag. Please wrap the plastic bag in aluminum foil to protect it. Now all you have to do is send the sample to me and 5-7 days after receiving the sample I will get back to you with the result. The shipping address will be sent by email after your order.

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