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Hair analysis

Hair analysis

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Bioresonance short analysis via fur or saliva sample

NOTE: If you are currently taking cortisone, hair analysis cannot be performed.

I am happy to scan a coat or saliva sample from your horse for an analysis fee. For a hair analysis of your horse, please collect coat, mane and tail hair - a small amount is enough - please do not cut off any hair, the hair that gets caught in the brush is enough. Put the sample in a plastic bag. Please wrap the plastic bag in aluminum foil to protect it. Now all you have to do is send the sample to me and I will get back to you with the results 5-7 days after receiving the sample. The shipping address will be sent by email after your order. NOTE: If you are currently taking cortisone, a hair analysis cannot be carried out. !!! NOTE for shipping !!! According to the post office, shipping should be as a book - as it is not a letter in this sense. The post office can refuse to transport it if you use a letter (Din long envelope).

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